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October 22, 2012

By: Michael Bedford and André Babyn
Published: 2:00 am, 22 October 2012
Modified: 11 pm, 28 December 2012


I am extremely formal like an equation balanced hanging on a sheet of white paper. According to the theory of the four humours my nature is phlegmatic learned from phlegmatic devices and accordingly when I drink I become as forceful as a large body of water.

Tied to a railing today a white dog on a red leash. “I am gravity I am a wave that a planet settles into,” said the dog barking while men and women (both in ragged ponytails) came up to it dressed in their yellow melancholies. I like the word “dog” better than the dog itself. I keep running my hands over things to try and determine where the word lives inside.

Give me a fine serif I can grab my hands around. 

—André Babyn

Photos by Michael Bedford


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